Limited Editions - simephotography

Simon Painter is a photographic artist based in Surrey with a fascination for light, texture and movement.

Moving the camera whilst shooting can change the focus of an image from the objects in the scene, to the light between those objects. It's also possible to manipulate and distort objects to create atmosphere and beauty. "My work is not a representation of reality but  uses the world around me as a brush with which to create new images."

"I try to create a sense of  movement in all my images. My urban landscapes reflect hectic city life but the ethereal soft nature of the pictures also represents more of the non physical side to our lives such as thoughts, emotions and dreams."

These limited editions of 30 prints are available in sizes and finishes of your choosing.

I have several printed and framed that are 71cm x 52cm.Please contact me to discuss you're requirements with these or any other images on the website.

Dandelions On The Lawn

“Dandelions On The Lawn” as the name suggests was taken on my lawn. The delicate dandelion seed heads are a marvel of nature and I wanted to accentuate their shape by rotating the camera around the centre of a particularly pristine example on the lawn. It was important to capture a moment of stillness so that we could see the dandelions and the grass but then, with movement, we get the rings of light around the centre. I finally arrived at this colour in the processing stage which I felt accentuated the textures and created a calm and tranquil mood for the image. There is beauty and wonder in even the simplest of things.