Photos by Simon Painter

Simon Painter is, by some strange coincidence, a painter. Not of oils or watercolour but of light.

I was going to write this bit all in the third person but I decided it’s not really me. I love what I do but it isn’t complete unless I make a connection with you so this is me talking to you!

I am fascinated by the textures and colours created by moving my camera in various ways during the exposure to blur or paint the scene onto the camera sensor.

All of my images are single shots created in camera.

The inspiration for this technique was, initially, my overwhelming love of trees and their huge importance to our world and it's future. Subsequently I have applied this technique to urban landscapes and other subjects.

I am a creative explorer and I’m always restless to ask the question "what if". In the representation of trees, in my motion landscapes, I’ve sought to try and animate the energy and presence of these sentinels that stand and watch over us humans with a such dignity and calmness. It’s a pity the same can’t be said of us a lot of the time.

I’ve enjoyed a career as a music composer and producer for over 30 years blending technology and organic elements and I use this same experimental ethos in my photographic art.

In 2017 I was proud to have my image "Fractal Leaves" commended in The Sony World Photography awards.

I continue to look for ways to express my passion for our world and the beauty within it.

Simon Painter talks about why he chooses to take images using camera movement.

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For licensing, prints or for anything else please email me at simon@simephotography.co.uk