The Packhouse Exhibition / by Simon Painter

I had a great weekend meeting people and chatting about my pictures at The Packhouse in Farnham. Thanks to everyone who came and had a look and also to the staff at The Packhouse for their help. It’s a great place for having a wander through loads of wonderful stuff for your home!

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On1 Edit.jpg

It was very windy on the Saturday and I was worried that all my prints would be blown away but fortunately I managed to keep them all intact. Sunday was better so I could put some stuff outside. It’s great hearing peoples thoughts on your work and their different ideas of what the pictures say.

I only had my phone with me but I used my home made filter adaptor and took a few motion stills whilst I was there.


I couldn’t hang my pictures directly in the summerhouse so I set them up on some garden trellis that I supported with light stands. I worked really well and also allowed me to add some lighting above to enhance the viewing experience.

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Thanks again to all those that came along and I look forward to hearing from you in the future if you’re interested in any of the prints we discussed or indeed any other ones you’ve seen on my website or Instagram. As I was sitting there in the summerhouse I looked up and thought this made quite an interesting image to I’ll leave you with this.

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